LICENSED SPIRITUAL PRACTITIONERS help individuals use affirmative prayer and other spiritual tools to affect change in their lives. They help you anchor the Truth in your personal consciousness, whether you’re facing challenges or celebrating successes. They support you in creating healthy, vibrant, fulfilling lives. Practitioners strive to heal themselves and others through the recognition of the creative power within us all and the use of positive affirmative prayer.

CSLCC PRACTITIONERS have studied a minimum of 4 years to develop a consciousness of Wholeness. They are all licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living and bound by a code of ethics to respect your privacy. The Principles and Practices guiding them are rooted in the Science of Mind philosophy and centered upon the premise: God is all there is and the Universe works by a system of predictable spiritual laws.

SPIRITUAL MIND TREATMENT is based on the belief that we are surrounded by a Universal Mind that works through natural laws. These laws react to our thoughts, and the use of spiritual mind treatment changes your beliefs about yourself, thereby causing changes in your life. Each of us is free to choose what to believe, and therefore we can use the Law of Mind to think either constructive or destructive thoughts. Using the Law constructively, we can attract health, peace, abundance, harmony, and joy. As our faith in our ability to use the Law of Mind grows, our capacity to bring good into our lives develops, creating confidence and joy.

HOW DOES A PRACTITIONER GUIDE YOU? Sometimes we are too close to our own situations, making us unable to see clearly, clouding our unlimited possibilities. Licensed practitioners help us see the spiritual truth that surrounds us. The practitioner explains how to facilitate healing or correct a condition. Practitioners are highly trained in the use of spiritual mind treatment. They do this type of affirmative prayer for you, teaching you how to use it for yourself, creating sustainable change.

PRACTITIONER’S SERVICES range from “Free Five-Minute Miracles” on Sunday mornings to meeting with clients either in person or by telephone. In those meetings, or “Sessions,” they help you clarify your “problem” and its causes. Next, the practitioner will provide you with proven spiritual tools that enable you to heal and/or change the situation. Your practitioner works confidentially. Practitioners are trained professionals, and a practitioner session is like any other professional service session. You will set an appointment and meet in a professional setting. Practitioners are paid for their time and expertise in the use of spiritual law. Service fees vary, so please discuss the fee structure with your practitioner. Note: no one is turned away because of their current financial inability to pay.