About Us

Our Spiritual Director

Theresa Fieberts

At 31 years of age, with 2 young children and a struggling marriage, Theresa Fieberts was introduced to the Science of Mind (SOM) philosophy at the Center for Positive Living (CPL).  The date was September 18, 1992, an unforgettable day; the day that changed the trajectory of her life.

As Theresa began practicing this philosophy, her life was changing for the better. Feeling empowered by choice, she took responsibility for her life.  She was thriving, as were her children who were attending CPL’s Sunday youth program. After several years of study, Theresa was licensed as a “Prayer Partner” (aka Prayer Practitioner or Spiritual Practitioner) in the late 1990s. In this capacity, Theresa has been supporting others for over 25 years and delights in the countless healings in consciousness and experience.

Knowing Principle is unlimited, Theresa also applied what she was practicing to her real estate business and found success there too. Working primarily within the First Time Homebuyer and Affordable Housing markets, Theresa witnessed hundreds of people’s lives being changed as possibilities expanded and dreams were achieved.

When the real estate market shifted in late 2008, Theresa decided to pursue another dream and returned to school. In 2011, she graduated from Eckerd College, with BS in Human Development. Now, firmly established as a life-long learner, she continued and earned her master’s degree in Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute in 2017.  Rev. Theresa was ordained by the Centers for Spiritual Living in 2021.

Serving four different Spiritual Communities during the past 30+ years, Rev. Theresa remains an enthusiastic student with a passion for Life that is infectious!

For Theresa, life is about growth, forever evolving into a freer fuller expression of Spirit Itself. Thus, she ponders a new title. It’s probably not “Minister,” “Reverend,” and “Pastor” – there’s just too many cultural assumptions there . . . Maybe Spiritual Badass? Whatever we call her, Theresa is excited about Life and Its possibilities – let’s call her a Possibilitarian!

Community Core Values


  • We are aware, understand, and know Unconditional Love as a quality of Spirit.
  • Nothing is required to earn Love; we are Love.
  • We cultivate the attitude of Love towards ourselves and others.
  • Vibrating at the frequency of Love, we actively and intentionally spread more love, compassion, and kindness throughout the world.


  • We are aware, understand, and know Deep Peace as a quality of Spirit.
  • We are easily poised, calm, and centered in this Peace because It resides within us; It is us.
  • We draw upon this Peace to quiet the mind and seek It in all our interactions with others.
  • We bring Peace to the conditions and circumstances in our lives.
  • Vibrating at the frequency of Peace, we are a healing presence in the world.


  • Collectively as a community, we recognize that Universal Spirit is the Life within All and is All.
  • Therefore, we respect All Life, and we actively participate in endeavors that represent our beliefs.
  • We are engaging and friendly, embracing and welcoming to everyone.
  • We celebrate our diversity and individuality.
  • We allow our authentic selves to be seen, heard, and loved.
  • We create a safe environment for everyone to be free to be who they came here to be!


  • Through personal practice we contact the Spiritual Nature of Life and know the Divinity inherent in Life.
  • Because we know this as Spirit, we actively seek opportunities to shine our Light within the community and beyond.
  • We understand it is the nature of Universal Spirit to forever seek greater expansion through Its creation.
  • We encourage individual choice and recognize our responsibility as co-creative beings.
  • We freely offer our gifts to the world and actively participate in creating a world that works for everyone and all of creation.

The Creation and Evolution of CSLCC

The date was September 18, 1992. The place was the Center for Positive Living (CPL), in Sarasota, FL.  Rev. David Owen Ritz was the Senor Minister, and it was his dynamic speaking style and ability to translate modern metaphysics that captivated Theresa from the start.  This was a lively congregation of 1200-1400 spiritual seekers; it was catalyst, an exciting time in her life.  Theresa engaged deeply on every level, volunteering and taking classes; her passion for this teaching ignited as she discovered a new way of life.

First licensed as a “Prayer Partner” in her thirties, Theresa went on to receive additional training and licensure from both Emerson Theological Institute and the Centers for Spiritual Living. Over the years, Theresa’s practitioner training included a variety of teachers/schools, resulting in additional licensure from Emerson Theological Institute and the Centers for Spiritual Living.

One such important teacher was Rev. Karen Wolfson, at the time, the assistant minister at CPL, who taught and counseled Theresa through many changes.  Of course, there were other people who sought Rev. Karen’s counsel, one of whom was a handsome musician, known around the local scene as Howlin’ Bob Fieberts.  Several years later, Rev. Karen would officiate the marriage of Bob and Theresa. 

Rev. Karen remained their trusted teacher-mentor and eventually left CPL, creating a new community, initially the Center for Spiritual Awakening, later after UCRS and ICRS merged and became the Centers for Spiritual Living, they re-affiliated and her group became CSL Sarasota.  Theresa and Bobby were very involved in this new community.  Bobby operated sound equipment and performed, while Theresa actively served in every capacity from hospitality, youth/teen ministries, Board Trustee, Speaker, Class Facilitator, to Practitioner.

Theresa continued her studies as well and eventually enrolled in the Holmes Institute and the Centers for Spiritual Living School of Spiritual Leadership, graduating in 2017 with her Masters in Consciousness Studies, becoming a Licensed Minister of Religious Science.  For a year during school, Theresa also served as Spiritual Director of CSL Manatee, in Bradenton, before returning to CSL Sarasota as Assistant Minister.   

Through Visioning, a spiritual practice designed by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, Theresa received the unmistakable call to begin her own ministry.  With encouragement and support, Theresa and Bobby began regular Visioning with a group of 20 people in their living room.  This practice eventually led to the creation of the Center for Spiritual Living Cultural Coast (CSLCC).

They began with just one Sunday in January – just one. Then another Sunday in February and one in March.  Each Sunday the room was filled, and the vibe was high!  With ease and grace, Spirit’s Idea was unfolding and in April 2019, CSLCC began meeting on a weekly basis at the Sarasota Garden Club.  Eleven months later, due to the Covid pandemic, CSLCC began Love-Streaming over the internet.  Not a Sunday was missed, classes continued online, and the community continued to grow and strengthen.  Rev. Theresa was quietly ordained by the Centers for Spiritual Living online February 24, 2021, and the doors reopened ten months later.

Fast forward to February 2023 when CSL Sarasota made the decision to integrate with CSLCC after the retirement of their beloved minister, Rev. Karen.  Today, our combined community continues to grow and includes former members of the Center for Positive Living, which closed many years ago.  This really is an experience of “Coming Home to Something New!” where everyone is welcome.

CSLCC continues to be Vision-led and as a result, we thrive!  We hope you join us.

 CSLCC supports local musicians and artists and occasionally brings in national New Thought musicians.  We believe strongly in supporting the greater Sarasota community and tithe regularly to a variety of local non-profits doing Spirit’s Work in helping to make the world a better place for all.