What does our symbol mean?

Our teaching symbol represents the Universal Creative Process, which we, as spiritual beings, use in every moment.
It illustrates the infinite nature of God and how we manifest every aspect of our lives through It.

  • The circle represents the inherent Wholeness of the Universe. 
  • The top third of the circle represents the Self-Conscious Mind of Spirit, from which all thought originates.
  • The middle area of the circle represents Spiritual Law, which receives
    our thoughts and manifests them into the world of physical form.
  • The bottom portion of the circle represents all physical creation.
  • The left side of the V represents Spirit expressing into physical form or Involution (God is all there is).
  • The right side of the V represents the journey through physical experience or Evolution.
  • A great analogy of this principle is:
    Seed (Mind) > Soil (Spiritual Law) > Plant (Physical Creation) or Thoughts > Become > Things.