Ron Frost, RScP

Ron’s Personal Mission Statement:
To be a positive and uplifting presence in the world and to help others discover their innate purpose, shine their light, and realize their own unique spiritual magnificence!

Growing up I never completely fit in with traditional religion and was always seeking a deeper understanding of life. My mom’s family was Catholic. My dad’s upbringing was Congregationalist Protestant. Our neighborhood was predominately Jewish. Later in life I married my beautiful wife Fawny who had grown up in a Muslim tradition. Ironically, this diversity of religion within my life has brought me to understand the common good within all people regardless of background, and has equally inspired me to embrace the spiritual truth behind all life.

In 2007 my wife and I discovered the Center for Spiritual in Cape Coral, Florida and we both resonated deeply with the message of Science of Mind. Shortly after our arrival at the center we experienced the profound and miraculous effect of spiritual mind treatment that was given by a practitioner at that center. I had realized at that moment that I found the teaching that I was seeking and soon committed to taking classes which eventually led to completing my practitioner studies.

I have severed as past president of the leadership board at the Center for Spiritual Living in Cape Coral and have also participated in many other functions and activities in support of CSLCC. I also currently serve as President of the Southwest Florida Speakers Toastmasters where I coach and mentor others with public speaking and leadership skills. My passion has always been to help people find their unique calling and empower them with the tools to realize their own personal fulfillment and success. Because of this I wrote a self-coaching guided book called “Getting Unstuck” which contains many of the same practical principles found in New Thought teaching.

The principles and practices of Science of Mind have had a profound effect on my life, and I have equally witnessed its transformative positive effect in the lives of others. This is why I’ve been called to serve as a Spiritual Practitioner.