Treatment for the Free Flow of Money and its Right Use in My Life

There is one Life, one Power, one Presence expressing Itself in physical form as the entire universe. It lovingly gives of Itself completely to Its creation without any conditions or reservations. As an individual expression of this Source of All, I am one with It and a recipient of good from Its loving, selfless giving. Money is a symbol for that Good and represents an energy of circulation that is in continual flow. The only way for the free flow of this energy to appear restricted is by the restrictions I create in my own mind. I, therefore let go, get out of the way, and allow the flow of this energy as money into my life to use in creating new and enriching experiences for myself and others. I am open to Divine Guidance in how to direct this energy of money as I not only receive, but joyfully give back to Life. New exciting opportunities and ideas about how to use money for good in the world are constantly being presented to me. I allow myself to get caught up and carried forward in the never-ending flow of good that money represents. As there is no thought of lack or limitation in the Mind of God, I know that there is no limit to the amount of good I can receive and give back through the use of money. In deep gratitude I accept this Truth about money and its constant presence in my life. I now release this word into the Law of Mind, knowing with absolute confidence that it is even now working to create and sustain this experience of money and all the good it represents for enriching my life and that of others. And so, it is!