Treatment for Knowing Self-Esteem

I know that there is One Presence and One Power, the Spirit behind and the Source of everyone and everything that exists. It is the Infinite One which lovingly creates, maintains and sustains all. Right here and right now, I am absolutely one with this Presence and Power. I am an individualized expression of this Divine Being, the child of the Creator. That which God is, I am, in my own unique way. I honor my Divine Heritage by catching God’s vision of me as one who sees only the Good, the True and the Beautiful. I think, I speak, I act and I live only Love, today, tomorrow and always. I do what I can to set the world right, because I see things right, through the eyes of God. I highly regard myself and all others. That is how life is meant to be. That is how my life is. I do this because at the core of my being is that which is pure, inner, perfect Self-Esteem. In this knowledge, I release any concerns I may have about my self-worth and my ability to meet life’s challenges. I embrace the Divine in me and everyone else. I am truly grateful and greatly fulfilled. All is well. And so, It is!