Treatment for Joy and Happiness

I know that there is one Infinite power for Good, one Infinite Source of Divine power and Joy. That Source, Divine Energy, God, takes form and Expresses as all good things. Source as the flowers blooming in fabulous color, the birds in the trees, the lovely scents of fresh morning grass, the smell of the sea, fresh baked bread, as the sound of music that send chills over my arms, the whisper of “I Love you” or “Thank you”. Source takes form as all good things in the world, bright, shiny colorful.
And Source also fills me and expresses through me.

Since I am connected to Source, I recognize this Power for good in, as and through me. I have the wherewithal to stop and know the truth, to see through the Divine Eyes of Source as I appreciate the good around me, and I am filled with immense pleasure as I behold the good in my life. Joy, happiness, and gratitude are natural expressions of the Divine. I know I am tapped into the infinite capacity for joy and happiness. I claim it as my natural state. I allow joy to expand in my consciousness now and every day moving forward.

I am so very grateful to have the eyes to see the good and beauty. To be open-hearted, to allow myself to be filled with joy and thanksgiving. I am so very very grateful for knowing this is my Truth. I release this knowing, this prayer into Law, knowing the gift is already given.

It is already so.
And so, it is.