Treatment for Increased Creativity

There is only one Supreme Mind, Intelligence, Spirit, Creator, God or whatever name one chooses to use for the One that is, as, and through all that exists. The One Intelligence expresses Itself creatively through everything organic and inorganic by manifesting diverse and individualistic forms through plants, animals, minerals and scientific inventions.

All are, I am an individualized diverse expression of the Creator. It expresses Itself through me. My mind is Its mind.

All creativity comes from the One Mind in countless ways through nature, science, and art forms. I know for all as well as myself that creativity flows through all from the One Mind in a multiplicity of ways. Scientific inventions and discoveries are abound. Art forms are revealed through music, painting, cooking, sewing, gardening, and landscaping to mention only a few. As an extension of the One Mind creativity is mine to unfold continuously in various ways right here, right now.     I am so grateful for this knowledge and blessing and so with this understanding I release this to law knowing law has no choice but to manifest right action resulting in creativity flowing freely through me. I know this is so for my highest and best good. And so, it is.