Treatment for Health and Healing

Turning consciousness to the One Life, the Life of the Creator, the Source of all Life, this dynamic Presence is continuously and spontaneously supplying the activity of Perfect Health. Divine Nature supplies all of Its creation with the Power of Self-awareness. All beings are One with the Mind and Body of Universal Source, embodying Its energetic movement, balance, circulation and Perfect Life expression. Each and every being is an extension of the Divine Presence, knowing each and everyone is surrounded, infused, centered in a loving embrace of Health, Balance, Choice and the gift of evolution and Intelligence.

In this very present moment, I am one with Divine Source and Power. The activity of Source is making Itself known in my mind and body. Its Perfection is my very essence and expression in every aspect of living. Conscious awareness of this Life Spirit oneness allows the highest and best and all Good to flow in, around and through every part and cell of my body.

Within the body, mind and soul is the Truth that spontaneous healing is present as Source, as God, as Divine Nature. Coursing through the cells making up the tissues and the fluids is the idea of God which is perfection. Coursing through the minds of the medical world is the evolution and growth of that which is desired by humankind. Coursing through the mind thoughts and attitudes of my being is the Oneness with this perfection and evolution. Every expression of desire is available and known in the Mind of God. Attachment to outcome and conditions cannot stand ground in the face of Truth as Health, Balance, Choice and Intelligence. The ground that is planted with health is the ground I embody and comes to full bloom. Information, support, love and flow are present now and always. Eternal opportunity is present to experience the highest and best. Healing with a sense of absolute Peace and Trust accompany body, mind and inner being.

Gratefulness and Thanksgiving for the Truth of Life that perseveres conditions and challenges and dissolves false beliefs. I am giving great thanks to the self-awareness that empowers to feel and know the Truth of God within and without.

I release let go with complete trust and poise, knowing the response through the Mind of God is mirroring every Word and that the revelation health is already given.

And So, It IS!