Treatment for Harmonious Relationships

There is One Life, One Love, One Power, One Presence, One Perfection active in, as and through all of Life. It is the Givingness of Life to itself through its creation and that activity — by any name — is the activity of my life now.

As its creation I am aligned with and experiencing It now and in every moment. I am unified in and expressing as Its love, peace, joy, abundance, harmony and peace.

Knowing this Truth of my being I claim harmonious relationships are the experience of being with fellow travelers in this life. I recognize and celebrate the attraction of those whose company I enjoy and who enjoy mine. We take pleasure in easy, peaceful ways of communing, communicating and co-creating these relationships. Mutual respect, camaraderie, authenticity and warmth create a supportive environment for my relationships to flourish and grow. As I experience the blessings of others in my life, they likewise experience the blessing that I am to them. There are shared values of mutual recognition, respect and regard that transcends any momentary misunderstanding, upset or concern. These situations become opportunities for listening, understanding and revealing even deeper awareness of the Spiritual Truth of our relationships.

I celebrate with gratitude and joy this wonderful experience of harmonious relationships. I trust that the Law of Cause and Effect is activated now as I release this intention, planting seeds of harmony, growth and love that spring forth abundantly.

I expect, accept and allow this good to be the good of my life now. And so, it is.